2024 Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta Classes



Drop Spindle Class – Shayera Schreiber – Salt Shaker Woodworks – Come learn how to use a drop spindle.

Date:  Friday: 12-1 & 2:30-3:30 and Saturday: 10-11 & 1-2
Cost : $10
To register email [email protected]

Triangle Loom Continuous Strand Weaving Hat MakingKaren DavisEntwined Fiber and Wire
In this class, you will learn how to use a triangle loom to create a wonderful beanie-type hat using continuous strand weaving and some special finishing techniques! You are welcome to bring your own special bulky/chunky yarn, pompoms and/or buttons however yarn will be provided as part of the kit fee. Pompoms and buttons will be provided for sale. Triangle looms will be for use in the class and also available for purchase.
Date: Friday 1 pm
Cost: $45

Class Level: Beginner

To register email [email protected]

Weave Like a Viking!- Karen DavisEntwined Fiber and Wire

In this class, you will learn the ancient art of Viking weave using a dowel rod and thin wire. Viking weave is an ancient form of circular wire weaving which is not actually made of links of chain but rather loops of woven wire. The end goal will be to complete a bracelet length of chain that will then be embellished with beads (if desired) and finished by adding fasteners. Adventurous souls may want to continue their weaving in order to make a necklace-length chain. Dowels, wire, bead and fasteners will be provided. 10 student maximum per class

Date: Saturday 9 am

Cost: $45

Class Level: Beginner

To register email [email protected]

Intro to Hand Spinning: Using a Turkish SpindleJulie Drogsvold – Friday, April 26th, 2024, 12:30pm – 3:30 pm

Unleash the magic of wool and transform raw fibers into your own handcrafted yarn! This beginner-friendly workshop is your gateway to the ancient art of hand spinning. Dive into the rhythm of the spindle, both drop and supported, and discover the mesmerizing dance of the spinning wheel. We’ll provide your first tool – a drop spindle – to feel the magic in your own hands. Our focus is mastering the art of crafting singles, 2-ply, and 3-ply yarns, opening a world of creative possibilities for your knit or crochet projects. No prior experience is needed, just a spark of curiosity and a desire to connect with the timeless craft of yarn making. Are you ready to spin your own story in yarn? Join us and transform fibers into wearable art!

Skill level: Any and all

Instructor will supply:  drop spindle (student will keep), fiber for class use.

Students will need to bring: – If students have a drop spindle they are welcome to bring it but not required, one is supplied as part of your class materials.

If available:  Spinning wheel or e-spinner, Lazy Kate and 3 empty bobbins, Niddy noddy, hand carders

Cost: $55

Sign up link:  https://www.fiberartclasses.com/yellow-rose-workshops

Spinner’s Toolbox: Supported Long Draw – Julie Drogsvold – Thursday, April 25th, 2024 3 pm- 5 pm

Long draw spinning is a classic technique useful for every spinner. True woolen yarn can be quickly spun and is ideal for wonderful warm weather clothing. Hone your skills with this light-hearted and fun class, starting with carding washed fleece and then long drawing your prepared rolags.

Skill level: Students should have a good working relationship with their wheel and be capable of spinning a consistent single.

Students will need to bring:  Spinning wheel or e-spinner, ideally flyer-driven with Scotch tension, Hand Carders, preferably wool, Lazy Kate and 3 empty bobbins, Niddy noddy or ball winder

Instructor will supply:  Fiber for class use

Cost:  $40

Sign up link:  https://www.fiberartclasses.com/yellow-rose-workshops

Cotton Spinning Magic: It’s Easy – Julie Drogsvold – Saturday, April 27, 2024 9am-4pm

In this full day workshop, you’ll delve into the world of silky soft cotton fibers and learn to transform them into beautiful, versatile yarns. Master the art of wheel adjustments for optimal short-fiber spinning, conquer the supported long draw technique, and explore various cotton forms – from seeds to carded punis and prepared slivers. You’ll also discover the secrets of plying, blending vibrant colors, and incorporating other fibers for truly unique creations. Bring your wheel, a knack for consistent spun singles, and a thirst for cotton-spinning magic. Leave with confidence, skills, and a treasure trove of handspun cotton yarns ready to be woven, knitted, or crocheted into stunning projects.

Skill Level Required: Students should have a good working relationship with their wheel and be capable of spinning a consistent single.

Students will need to bring: Spinning wheel or e-spinner, ideally flyer-driven with scotch tension, Carders – cotton hand carders preferred, but wool will do., Lazy Kate and 3 empty bobbins, Niddy noddy or ball winder

Optional: favorite spinning chair, charkha, support spindle or Tahkli

Instructor supplied:  Cotton lint. cotton sliver (Upland and Pima). Seed cotton. puni stick

Cost:  $100

Sign up link:  https://www.fiberartclasses.com/yellow-rose-workshops

From Blending Board to Batt: Craft Your Fiber Fusion!Julie Drogsvold – Friday, April 26, 2024 9am-12pm

Ever dreamed of painting with alpaca, sculpting with wool? Join us for a hands-on adventure in fiber blending! Build your own blending board (think DIY fiber playground!) with wood, blending cloth, and simple tools. No fancy workshops needed – just a stapler, hammer, and your creative spirit!

Then, dive into the world of fiber magic! We’ll explore the textures and personalities of natural fibers like alpaca, cotton, and wool. Learn how to blend them like a pro, creating art batts that explode with color and texture. Picture fiery sunset gradients, playful polka dots, or even swirling nebulae – your imagination is the limit!

In this workshop you’ll:

Build your own sturdy blending board (think fiber fusion station!)

Discover the magic of natural fibers and their blending potential

Create stunning art batts that sing with color and texture

Leave with a newfound appreciation for fiber arts and your own creative power

So grab your crafting spirit and join us! Let’s turn simple materials into fiber masterpieces!

No experience required, just a love for color and texture!

Instructor will supply:


Blending cloth

Packing brush

Rolag dowel

Fiber for class use

All tools needed

Cost:  $145

Sign up link:  https://www.fiberartclasses.com/yellow-rose-workshops

Introductory Rug Tufting – Serena Hernandez – Spin & Dye in Texas – Friday – 1pm to 4 pm

🎨 Unleash Your Creativity with our Introductory Rug Tufting Class! 🌈

Calling all fiber artists and enthusiasts to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of textile artistry! Have you marveled at mesmerizing rug tufting creations on TikTok, wishing you could try it yourself? Why settle for just watching when you can be the artist behind the masterpiece? Here’s your golden opportunity to turn those dreams into reality!

Unleash your imagination and bring your unique vision to life as you create a stunning rug that reflects your personal style (In ONE class!). No experience? No problem! Our class is designed for all skill levels, ensuring everyone can tap into their inner artist.

🌟 Highlights of the Rug Tufting Class:

✨ Explore the fundamentals of rug tufting
✨ Learn valuable techniques from a seasoned instructor
✨ Choose from a vibrant array of yarns to customize your creation
✨ Receive personalized feedback and tips to enhance your skills
✨ Connect with fellow fiber enthusiasts in a creative community

You’ve seen it on TikTok, and now the stage is set for you to shine! Don’t miss out on this chance to immerse yourself in the captivating realm of rug tufting. Reserve your spot now and let your creativity run wild!

Cost: 150

Pre-work:  Start planning your design! You will want to bring an image with you and any reference materials. More info will be emailed 1 week prior to the class.


Email [email protected] with your name, preferred payment method for deposit (Venmo or credit card) and that you would like to attend the class at Fiber Fiesta. You will receive a reply within 48 hours with instructions to pay your $30, non-refundable, deposit (will go towards the cost of class and remaining $120 can be paid at the event). Your deposit will reserve your spot in the class. Class space is limited and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Students must be at least 13 years old.

Introduction to Weaving – Becky Aguilar – Heirloom Elegance – Friday, April 26th 1 pm – 4 pm

In this class, you will learn to weave a place mat on a rigid heddle loom. The loom will be warped with enough yarn for two place mats, with the option to purchase the loom and take it home to finish the second place mat. The class will also discuss what types of projects and cloth you can weave, the fibers used in weaving, and an understanding of the different types of looms. This class would be very beneficial to anyone wanting to try their hand at weaving and explore the world of possibilities.

To register, go to www.heirloomelegance.com and click on “Classes” then choose the Introduction to Weaving class for Seguin on Friday April 26th.

Cost: $30 all supplies included.

Yarn Dyeing Class – Diana Foegelle – The Painted Alpaca – Saturday, April 27 1pm -3:00 pm

Students will learn the basics of dyeing protein fibers from equipment needed to supplies and fiber information. Each student will dye one skein of yarn in the color of their choice.

Skill Level: beginner

Cost $45

To Sign up, please email [email protected]